Tastes like Madrugada

Your moment
before sunrise

That magical time just before dawn

Madrugada Tequila – An ultra-premium tequila from a small-batch distillery in Jalisco, Mexico with a very smooth taste, made from carefully selected ingredients and full of handcraft tradition.

Madrugada is the Spanish word for the dawn of the day, just when the sun rises. This magic moment promises for new stories to be told and opportunities to be taken. Enjoy the here and now with our Madrugada Tequila Blanco. Cheers to many unique and unforgettable moments.

Extreme smooth, pure & fresh taste

Flavours of citrus, pepper & silky vanilla

100% organic & full of handcraft

Aromas of minerals, fruits & grass

Purified water from an own Spring

Extra slow cooking & fermentation process

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Tequila means community

The true heroes behind Madrugada Tequila are the people who contribute with passion, love and outstanding commitment to the creation of this unique product.

Producing an ultra-premium tequila requires extraordinary endurance and high attention to detail along the entire sustainable production process – from the hand cut harvest of the 8 years grown and carefully cultivated agave to the fine adjustments of the distillation and aging of the tequila.

For this reason, we want to put these people first. It is truly them, who transform Madrugada into an ultra-premium tequila and ensure fair and equal conditions along the entire value chain.

Marco A. Jauregui

Distillery Owner since 25 years, running the family business in the 3rd generation.

Luiz Diaz

Awarded Tequila Master Distiller responsible for the exceptional taste of Madrugada Tequila Blanco.

Refugio Montalvo Ramirez

Origins from a family of Jimadores (Harvester) and knows all about cultivating organic agaves sustainable.

Luis Orlando Lara Lopez

Jimador (Harvester) who has learned to work with the extreme sharp cutting tool „Coa“ from his father and grandfather.

Our Mission

We want to improve the image of Tequila in Europe!
In our culture Tequila is often misunderstood, unfairly devalued and extremely underrated.

Together with our partner Marco Jauregui Huerta we are on a mission to bring the real joy of tequila from Mexico to Europe.
We are proud that we found with Marco a partner who shares similar values and the same passion – creating an ultra-premium product, smooth & fresh in its taste and made from carefully selected ingredients.

Tequila has much more to offer than most of us are aware of. Forget about myths and stories of bad tequila, and for sure forget about the headache from your last bad tequila experience. Try and appreciate real Tequila! Enjoy the here and now – taste the Madrugada.